Chatham House Climate Risk Assessment 2021

COVID-19 has pushed several summits scheduled for 2020, including COP26 in Glasgow, into 2021, creating a unique convergence of environment and economic summits this year.

Meanwhile, many governments are planning to revive economies devastated by the global pandemic. These factors have produced a ‘super year’ of global activity, offering a unique opportunity to integrate good environmental policy with extensive global fiscal stimulus.

Against this backdrop, Chatham House researchers outline the state of play this ‘super year’ and discuss the policy priorities for 2021 and beyond.

  • What are the main takeaways from the meetings that have taken place so far, including China’s National People’s Congress and the US led Leaders’ Climate Summit?
  • What does success look like at Glasgow in November 2021?
  • Where is Chatham House focusing its climate policy efforts?
  • And what is the role of think-tanks in supporting successful outcomes this ‘super year’?

This event is hosted by Chatham House as part of London Climate Action Week 2021

Their Risk Assessment Report can be downloaded as a pdf below.

CHATHAM HOUSE REPORT Sept. 2021 - Climate-Change-Risk-Assessment-quiggin-et-al

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